Fargo and Road Kills.

Today my good friends Thomas, Erlend and Martypantz( don’t ask ‘cause I don’t know…) went up to Fargo with the tech -guy Jason.
Mr. Martypantz had to get some shoes for Silje and we joined. Why not? At times like theses I use the opportunities I get to go to places like Starbucks, Cold Stone and Qduba. There’s only three weeks left of my American experience(!)
We saw a bunch of road kills on our way – that’s always fun. That reminds me of my sister’s friend’s boss ( confusing); he is a type of vegetarian. He thinks we shouldn’t kill animals just to eat them, but when animals die a natural death, however…it’s okay to eat them. Which brings me back to the road- killing part…if he finds a road kill…he brings it home and eats it. That was off topic but it’s such a great and nasty story.
So, we went up to Fargo and had a great time. Jason and I went to Qudabo and the noobs Erlend, Marty and Thomas went to Hoo Hot( Mongolian Grill).
Here I am, back in the little town of Fergus Falls. Keep it cool.

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4 kommentarer den “Fargo and Road Kills.”

  1. Rebekka Says:

    Cold Stone!! Nam nam. Nesten like nam som road kill 🙂

  2. Joshy Boy Says:

    Qdoba and Hoo Hut are both so good! But i think you made the right choice with Qdoba Calle! And that road kill story is a bit odd but was a good read… Keep up the English so i dont have to use Google Translator!

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