Josh and the good news about his decision.

The following entry will be in the great language English, in respect and appreciation for my homie Josh.

Today is a great day. My good friend Mr. Josh has finally decided to start up a blog. I’m really excited about that and I welcome everyone with open arms to the wonderful blogosphere ( a geeky expression I learned from my book “Blogging for Dummies”)…and yes I do have a life if you’re wondering.

When Josh actually starts up the blog, I’ll write about it and you guys should check it out, but until then, you’ll just have to put up with this blog.

Today, we’re not doing a whole lot at Hillcrest. It’s kind of windy and the sky is grey, but that’s okay; this gives us time to update our blogs and stuff, which is always nice.
Keep it cool, homies.

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5 kommentarer den “Josh and the good news about his decision.”

  1. Rebekka Says:


  2. Rebekka Says:

    *fra Ruth

    • calleclown Says:

      Konge, Ruth.
      Ja, du og Josh e jo blitt venner, så dette e’ vel strålende nyheter.

      Eg digger Josh. Måtte bare si det.

      Og takk for kommentar på bloggen. Det er fantastsik gøy!

  3. Trizzoi Says:

    Josh could blog about international soccer all day…

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